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Beyond Lending:

Nurturing Socioeconomic Sustainability

Empowering Communities for Holistic Growth

Moneyboxx is dedicated to the overall development of all stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees, vendors, regulatory bodies, and our company itself, to drive genuine positive impact.

Moneyboxx's strength relies on the well-being of every stakeholder. Guided by this philosophy, we go Beyond Lending, prioritizing holistic growth and sustainability for the benefit of the entire community we serve.

Livestock awareness camp

Caring for our Customers' Cattle

Moneyboxx focusses on ensuring the overall health of our clients' cattle, offering advice on feed, and working on improving cattle breeds to increase milk production. In light of our focus, we have committed full-time vets to be stationed at our branches, who can assist our customers with their queries and provide hands-on support for their cattle.

We support them with treatment, vaccination and artificial insemination at zero cost. We have conducted 50+ Livestock Awareness Camps and our in-house team of 35+ veterinary doctors has undertaken

3,40,000+ free cattle diagnosis

along with providing complementary vaccination and artificial insemination services.

Moneyboxx customer and their cow with a veterinary doctor

Promoting Agroforestry for Socioeconomic Development

Moneyboxx facilitates the plantation of

over 12,000 fruit-bearing trees

at no cost to our customers. With the aim of contributing to environmental sustainability and enhancing farmers incomes, our efforts extend beyond the financial benefits that accrue to our customers. Our initiatives actively contribute to the protection of biodiversity and carbon sequestration by planting trees.

These activities are creating positive socio-ecological impacts, aligning with our commitment to fostering holistic growth in the communities we engage with.

A family standing under the tree and showing us fruits and a plant

Fuelling Sustainable Futures with Bio-Gas Digesters

Moneyboxx aims to contribute to global renewable energy initiatives by providing sustainable funding for bio-gas digesters.

We have initiated the credit funding for the installation of bio-gas digesters for our livestock borrowers, which not only produces cooking gas but also yields organic slurry, that serves as a natural fertilizer,

all at zero marginal cost.

Through this unique approach, we seek to champion the cause of renewable energy as well as foster soil health and agricultural sustainability through the use of organic manure.

bio- gas digester