Targeting deserving Micro Entrepreneurs across sectors with unmet credit needs, often those graduating from Group borrowing (MFI) to Individual borrowing

Main sectors:

Essentials - Livestock, Kirana, Trading (retail) and Small Manufacturers


Focus on Tier-3 cites and beyond

business loans
  • Ticket size
    INR 50,000-300,000
  • Tenure
    12-36 months
Phygital Model

Direct to customer (No DSA) approach; we believe in establishing long term relationships with customers

Cluster based approach allows us to acquire similar group of customers in a particular geography.


We at Moneyboxx believe in IMPACT FINANCING; while remaining sustainable, scalable, and profitable by creating surplus value through economic entities that have been largely historically underserved by the formal credit market

We provide loans to underserved micro enterprises and individual, self-employed people who lack access to formal credit but generate strong return on investment leading to negligible bad debt for lenders

We aim to impact over
1 million
lives in next
five years
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