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Building a sustainable future together

Two people planting a sapling, surrounded by cows, biodigestor and a fruit bearing tree
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In the world of business today, Commitment to environment, social, and governance (ESG) principles is crucial for companies aiming for long-term sustainability. We acknowledge the impact of ESG factors on operations, reputation and stakeholder relationships and continually aim to pursue higher ESG benchmarks.

Moneyboxx sees ESG integration as our moral obligation and also as a strategic alignment with the expectations of our stakeholders - consumers, employees, investors, communities and regulatory. We also embrace robust ESG practices to navigate the complexities of the modern market more effectively.

Moneyboxx's commitment to ESG benchmarks contributes to positive outcomes, fostering transparency, accountability, and sustainable growth. For us, prioritising ESG principles is not just compliance; it's a holistic approach reflecting an understanding of the interconnectedness between responsible business practices and lasting success in today's dynamic business landscape.


Moneyboxx representative and customer, planting a sapling together


Green Horizons

Moenyboxx prioritises sustainability through resource efficiency, carbon footprint reduction, and tree plantation.

Key Outcomes

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Planted 12,000+ fruit-bearing trees to combat climate change and significantly reduced our carbon footprint.



Empowering Lives

Socially, we impact lives positively, focussing on inclusivity and empowering communities.

Key Outcomes

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Driving Financial Inclusion

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Supporting Bharat's Entrepreneurs

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Catering to Tier 3 borrowers

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Empowering borrowers to double their income

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Secured Loans: Up to ₹10L

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Elevating Ethics

Governed by robust ethical practices, our structure ensures transparency, fair relationships, and risk management. Our dedication to disclosure and high ethical standards reinforces our commitment to sound governance principles.

Key Outcomes

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Transparency:We keep stakeholders informed about our work through open communication.

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Fair Relationships:We treat everyone fairly and honestly in our business dealings.

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Risk Management:We adopt strong risk management to find and prevent problems.

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Dedication to Disclosure:We share all relevant information as it builds trust.