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Sustainable financing for a sustainable future

With natural resources depleting rapidly, leaving a lasting impact on the environment, Moneyboxx is doing its bit to protect environmental sustainability.

Moneyboxx representative and customer, planting a sapling together
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An image with fruit bearing tree, bio digester and cattle - highlighting measures taken by Moneyboxx Finance for combating climate change

Our proactive measures

Moneyboxx has reduced our carbon footprint by



Fruit-bearing trees, which inhale an estimated

2,43,600 kgs

of CO2 per year


Following eco-friendly practices, we take the digital approach in our loan-related activities. As part of our agroforestry initiative, we have planted fruit-bearing trees. This not only benefits agri-entrepreneurs and dairy farmers, but it also helps in combating climate change.

customer planting a sapling and a customer shaking hand with moneyboxx representative around  a fruit bearing tree - highlighting Agroforestry initiative of Moneyboxx

Moneyboxx's Agroforestry initiative in partnership with CSR organisations

Moneyboxx's initiative aims to bring about a change in our borrower's income and a positive ecological impact in terms of improvement in soil and air quality, water augmentation, food security and sustainability.

Embracing a 'phygital' business model, our end-to-end digital processes significantly reduce paper usage, making a notable environmental impact equivalent to


Saving Trees

Moneyboxx's commitment to making a meaningful contribution to the environment remains unwavering.

An image of a customer planting a sapling, a customer shaking hand with moneyboxx representative; A fruit bearing tree  - highlighting Agroforestry initiative of Moneyboxx