We are positively impacting society in many ways.


For us society is like an ever-growing tree that takes energy from & give it back to its constituents in many ways. Our belief is that we as a company are part of larger society & company can only do good if the larger society is doing good. Hence, we believe that we have the responsibility to all our stakeholders to whom we directly or indirectly impact as they are nothing but, part of the society or in other words part of us!

How can be a body be strong if even one part of that body is weak? So, whether it’s our investors, our customers, our employees, our vendors, our regulatory bodies, or the company itself, we are all like a tree & we cannot grow if even one of our branches is weak.

We are in the business of transforming lives. We aim to transform 1 Million lives in next 5 years.

2 Years of journey and it's just a beginning

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Success Stories

Financial inclusion is at the heart of Moneyboxx:
Behind every small business there is a story worth knowing

  • Access to capital

    Alpana Mehta
    Dewas, Madhya Pradesh

  • Gender Inclusion

    45 years old Widow, mother to a son, aged 20 and two daughters, aged 8 and 6 from Dewas, MP.

  • Strengthening Credit History

    Hari Shankar Sharma
    30 years old, working to sustain a family comprising of his wife and parents from Bharatpur, Rajasthan

  • Fostering Entrepreneurship

    Praveen Kailash Chandra
    from Ujjain, MP